Stars Like Us: Astrology with Aliza Kelly

EP13 Synchronicity and Sensitivity: Steph Koyfman (The Daily Hunch)

Episode Summary

Aliza Kelly and Steph Koyfman of the Daily Hunch talk all things astrology.

Episode Notes

The episode kicks off with Aliza Kelly's advice on using astrology interpersonally. Aliza recommends you don't "turn off" your cosmically-curious sensibilities when building relationships: In fact, Aliza explains how the birth chart is a tool for kindness and compassion, and helps fortify bonds through empathy. At 4:52, Aliza begins her interview with Steph Koyfman, founder of The Daily Hunch, a personalized horoscope platform. Steph explains how she became interested in astrology, along with the unfolding of her Saturn Return. Later, Steph and Aliza discuss the comet Chiron, the differences between hard and soft aspects, and working with older (and younger) clients. Finally, the episode concludes with Steph's advice on how to kickstart an astrology practice, and a free word association of the twelve houses.

Music by Luke Schwartz
Edited by Sawtooth Productions