Stars Like Us: Astrology with Aliza Kelly

EP45 Alexandra Roxo: F*ck Like a Goddess

Episode Summary

Los Angeles-based author and healer Alexandra Roxo shares her journey into spirituality, wellness, and sexual empowerment.

Episode Notes

In this episode of Stars Like Us, Aliza Kelly interviews Los Angeles-based author, coach, and healer Alexandra Roxo. Alexandra is a Pisces Sun, Gemini Rising, and Aquarius Moon, and we discuss Alexandra's upcoming Nodal Return as the Gemini-Sagittarius eclipse series begins. This May, Alexandra is releasing her first book — Fck Like a Goddesswhich invites readers to heal, reclaim, and stand in their power. In one of the most profound moments in Stars Like Us, Aliza and Alexandra talk about the collective pain: How we are all recovering from intergenerational father issues... and how this very trauma informs the politics of our time.